Art-B. Made in Poland

From October 2019 on TVN (largest Polish free-to-air television station, subsidiary of Discovery Inc.) it will be possible to watch a series of documentaries devoted to one of the most controversial issues of recent years. TVN7 will show documentary cycles about ART-B („Art-B. Made in Poland„), the processes of the well-known actor and athlete O. Simpson; in addition, a documentary series produced by Steven Spielberg and Alex Gibney will be presented on the phenomenon of hatred. TVN it is owned by subsidiary of Discovery Inc. a free-to-air television station, with 21.05% of Polish market share, available in 86% of households in Poland.

Oscar-nominated Aneta Kopacz in the documentary series „ART-B. Made in Poland” produced by Canal+ Discovery Channel. Sensational documentary series about the life and career, ups and downs of the owners of one of the largest private company in Polish history. 

Art-B company founded and owned by Bogusław Bagsik and Andrzej Gasiorowski, in 1990-1992 created a network of 600 daughter companies in 50 countries around the world. The company achieved a revenue of $22.5 billion in eighteen months, which is higher than Orlen’s revenue in 2015. (the largest Polish oil corporation).

All films in Polish language with English closed captions (cc).

EPISODE 1 – Anatomy of the scandal

In this episode, you’ll look at the backstage of the first big financial scandal in the Third Polish Republic. In the case of Art-B, newspapers and television lived for years, mainly because it showed all the pathology of the beginnings of new free Poland. The authors show how the fate of the main characters was unfolded. Bogusław Bagsik and Andrzej Gasiorowski founded the Art-B company in the late 1980s, which generated huge profits. The company became famous due to the use of an economic oscillator.

EPISODE 2 – The beginnings

Early years of youth of the main characters and the beginnings of their activities in business. The creators of the document try to answer all the bothering questions: Who were the two mysterious young people, who turned billions of dollars and practically shook the economy of young Polish democracy? Where did the idea to create the company come from? What were the beginnings of this business? How did Bagsik and Gasiorowski achieve such a spectacular career? What was the greatest strength of the Art-B holding and what caused its downfall?

EPISODE 3 – These were the days

The third episode of the series focuses on the sources of the power of Art-B. Bagsik and Gasiorowski will tell you, how to earn huge fortune by buying more in Korea and selling cheaper in Poland. They will also reveal the Balcerowicz Plan’s contribution, and their contacts in the Evangelical Christian community. Viewers will learn why investment returns reached up to 18,000% per year and how capitalism was born in Poland.

EPISODE 4 – Operation BRIDGE (Aliyah)

This episode will reveal the unknown role of Art-B in the secret operation of the transfer of the first wave of 150,000 of Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel, which took place under the code name Operation Bridge (Aliyah). Participants of those events will tell what happened behind the success of this huge undertaking and what were the international effects of those events. What share did they have in it? How did you avoid terrorist attacks? Did it affect the future of businessmen?

EPISODE 5 – And it was so beautiful

In this episode, viewers will have the opportunity to watch, among others an attempt by the company Art-B to save the endangered Ursus plant. Thanks to this business, Andrzej Gąsiorowski and Bogusław Bagsik entered the world of media. The newspapers began to wonder, who the mysterious businessmen are, and how they managed to reach such impressive property. The media raced in guesses, asking themselves the question “did they cheat or did they not cheat? „? How did the great scandal began? And who really was a victim?

EPISODE 6 – Unfinished story

In the final episode, viewers will learn the consequences caused by the outbreak of the Art-B scandal in the lives of its participants. The heroes of the events will tell you what they are doing today, and their attitude to the affairs of the past. How did the affair twenty-seven years ago affect their lives, and the situation of their families? A lot of myths have arisen around the heroes of the series. Can they deal with them?

Secret Services

Sensational TV seres of Patryk Vega. Stars: Olga Bołądź, Tomasz Budyta, Kamilla Baar.

Episode 1: Art-B extermination

After many controversies Poland’s biggest military intelligence and counter-intelligence agency (commonly known as WSI) is liquidated, but its place is immediately taken by a new, secret military organization. Forced to deal with obscure cases, including Art-B company and its owners extermination. Its three members soon begin to doubt both their mission and the people they work for.

Art-B. 24 Billion Dollars

Mashup for Netflix